New & Live! 5 DAY PROGRAM by Minnie Von


TEDx Speaker Secrets 
- 5 Steps To Get 
TEDx Talk 

Join me on 5th - 9th July 2021 
@ 11am PST - 2pm EST - 7pm UK

PLUS! Exclusive Interviews with my TED clients who accumulated 100k - 1M views of their talks 👇

What You'll learn in the 5 Day 
TEDx Speaker Secrets Program:

  • WHY YOU SHOULD BE ON THE TED STAGE: How TEDx (and other big stages and media) help you solidify trusted authority status fast and we'll ignite your inner fire to get started...
  • HOW CURATORS CHOOSE SPEAKERS:  As a seasoned curator; I'll explain who has the best chance of getting a spot on the red dot!
  • HOW TO MAKE YOUR PITCH STAND OUT: TED is about spreading unique ideas and I'll explain what you need to consider to make your pitch grab attention.
  • WHICH EVENTS TO APPLY TO: I'll break down what to consider when you apply for a TED talk and which events are best suited for you and your idea.
  • WHAT MAKES A TALK GO VIRAL: You need style and substance (of course) but you also need a strategy. I'll explain more in the program...
  • ​PLUS exclusive interviews with viral TEDx speakers and lot's more!.... 
  • ​Limited spots - join now 👇
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